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I suoi film

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The films “The  Midnight Kiss” 1949 (Lanza’s first), “Il pescatore della Louisiana” 1950,  “The Great Caruso” 1951, Serenade” Film 1956, “Seven Hills of Rome” 1958

“Come Prima” 1959 (his last).

A few thoughts about the films.

I believe there’s a magical dream world in every person. That’s why cinema has always fascinated people. As a matter of fact, the cinema is the place where people hide for a little while in the “dream world”. Everyone has a favorite film.

I very much like fairytales as a grown child (many adults have a little child inside who loves fairytales). In the end all films tell a tale.

With regards to the Mario Lanza’s films, if I had to choose my favorites, I would surely put “The Great Caruso” in first place. It tells in a tale, the true story of the great tenor born in Naples. Then I would choose “Serenade”. But I must say that “Il Principe Studente”, being a real “fairytale”, has made me dream more than any other not only for the story it tells, but for the whole: fairytale, story, music and actors.
Even if Mario is not physically present in this film, his “magical” voice and wonderful music and the sweet Ann Blyth, give the film that wonderful touch which takes me to “dreamland”, the same way Disney’s movies did when I was a young boy. I have seen this film many times and I don’t get tired of watching it over and over again and I have to admit it still moves me. I highly recommend this film to the young people who haven’t had the opportunity to watch it.
I recommend anyone to immerse himself in this magical fairy world, if nothing else, it would help distract from the chaotic reality of our times.

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